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The lightest!
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The lightest garden
hose ever

Ultra-light, anti-kink and eco-friendly. Top marks for Top-Light!

Top-Light is the lightest hose ever, thanks to a new revolutionary, resistant material that is incredibly light – less than 100 g per metre. Top-Light also comes with fittings so it is ready to use right away.

You will be amazed just how light Top-Light is every time you use it. You won’t be able to do without it!

10 metres
less than
1 kg

water flow

Thanks to the innovative material it is made of, Top-Light does not bend or become obstructed. You can even knot it and the water continues to flow. Top-Light guarantees a constant, continuous water flow, non-stop, even where there are obstacles and tricky spots along the way.

20 year

It holds its shape,

Thanks to its special anti-kink structure, Top-Light makes all of your gardening work easy and enjoyable.
The coils relax after the first few uses, making it even easier to unwind the hose and move around your garden, and then wind it back up again when you’re done.
You can also combine Top-Light with the handy Claber hose reel for an even more practical set-up.

Made in Italy


Top-Light is more than just lightweight, flexible and practical.
The innovative material it is made of is non-toxic, free from phthalates, BPA and heavy metals, as well as being extremely resistant to wear.
Top-Light is 100% recyclable.
By choosing Top-Light, you are choosing to respect our future and the environment around us.

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3 ultra-lightweight sizes

10, 15, 25 metres. Choose the size to suit your garden.